MCL - 288-1967-PENALTIES

Act 288 of 1967
Document Type Description
Section 560.261 Section Sale of land; written disclosures to buyer; voidability of sale.
Section 560.262 Section Monuments; removal or disturbance.
Section 560.263 Section Lots; further division; regulation.
Section 560.264 Section Sale of land; noncompliance with act; penalty.
Section 560.265 Section Enforcement of act; injunctive proceedings; venue.
Section 560.266 Section Enforcement of act; prosecution, venue.
Section 560.267 Section Sale of lands in violation of act; voidability of sale.
Section 560.290 Section Department of energy, labor, and economic growth; employee in charge of plat section; qualifications.
Section 560.291 Section Plats in process, approval.
Section 560.292 Section Plat recorded under former 1839 PA 91; conflict or inconsistency.
Section 560.293 Section Effective date.