Act 288 of 1967
Document Type Description
Section 560.241 Section Submission of final plat; filing and recording fee; state plat review fee; disposition of fee.
Section 560.241a Section Repealed. 1993, Act 67, Eff. Oct. 1, 1998.
Section 560.242 Section Director of department of energy, labor, and economic growth; records and indexing; fees.
Section 560.243 Section Register of deeds; maintaining permanent file; expense; fee.
Section 560.244 Section Proprietor's copy.
Section 560.245 Section Abstract of title or title policy; attorney's opinion in lieu of abstract.
Section 560.246 Section Governing body; fees.
Section 560.247 Section County plat board; compensation.
Section 560.248 Section County road commission; fees.
Section 560.249 Section Board of supervisors; fees.
Section 560.251 Section Recorded plats; evidence.
Section 560.252 Section Instruments affecting title; prohibit recording unless plat recorded.
Section 560.253 Section Dedication of plats; reservation of mineral rights.
Section 560.254 Section Restrictions; enforcement.
Section 560.255 Section Lot numbers use.
Section 560.255a Section Land revised, altered, or vacated by order of circuit court in county in which land situated.
Section 560.255b Section Presumption of acceptance of land dedicated to use of public; rebuttal.
Section 560.256 Section Opening, vacating, extending, widening, or changing name of street or alley; recording certified copy of ordinance or resolution; copy to director of energy, labor, and economic growth.
Section 560.257 Section Discontinuance of street, alley, or other public land; reservation of easement; recording resolution or ordinance; copy to director of energy, labor, and economic growth.
Section 560.258 Section Public lands; agreements for maintenance.
Section 560.259 Section Minimum standards.