MCL - R-S-1846-565-1-65

Revised Statutes of 1846 (EXCERPT)
R.S. of 1846
Chapter 65
Document Type Description
Section 565.1 Section Conveyance of land made by deed.
Section 565.3 Section Quit claim deed; estate passed.
Section 565.4 Section Conveyance of greater estate than possessed; effect.
Section 565.5 Section Covenants; implication in conveyance.
Section 565.6 Section Covenants; implication in mortgage.
Section 565.7 Section Conveyance of land adversely possessed; validity.
Section 565.8 Section Deeds; execution; witnesses; acknowledgment; endorsement; validity and legality of certain acknowledgments and recordations of deeds; recorded deed lacking 1 or more witnesses.
Section 565.9 Section Execution of deed in another state; governing law, acknowledgment.
Section 565.10 Section Execution of deed in another state; seal of officer, certificate; record of prior deeds as evidence.
Section 565.11 Section Execution of deed in foreign country; governing law; acknowledgment; certificate, seal; validation of certain deeds; record as evidence.
Section 565.13 Section Conveyance by nonresident married person; effect; procedure.
Section 565.14 Section Deed; failure to acknowledge; proof by witness of execution.
Section 565.15 Section Deed; failure to acknowledge; proof of handwriting where witnesses are unobtainable.
Section 565.16 Section Deed; refusal to acknowledge; application to circuit court; summons to grantor.
Section 565.17 Section Deed; proof of execution; certificate of court.
Section 565.18 Section Deed; refusal to acknowledge; proof of execution by proving handwriting.
Section 565.19 Section Subscribing witnesses; subpoenas for attendance.
Section 565.20 Section Subscribing witnesses; refusal to appear or testify; civil liability; contempt; penalty.
Section 565.21 Section Unacknowledged deed; filing of copy by person interested; effect.
Section 565.22 Section Unacknowledged deed; effect of filing; continuation.
Section 565.23 Section Certificate of acknowledgment or proof of execution; effect on right to have deed recorded.
Section 565.24 Section Delivery of instrument to register of deeds; affixing date, hour, and minute; accessibility; destruction of information created or maintained under subsection (2); fee; indexing of instrument; applicability of subsections (2) to (4); "general index date" defined; civil immunity.
Section 565.24a Section Assignment of liber and page or unique identifying number; satisfaction of recording requirements; delivery of instrument rejected on prior occasion.
Section 565.25 Section Perfecting recording; conditions; exemptions; liability for certain conduct; penalties.
Section 565.26 Section Repealed. 2008, Act 358, Imd. Eff. Dec. 23, 2008.
Section 565.27 Section Recorded instruments; contents.
Section 565.28 Section Register of deeds; general index; contents; computerized index; securing computerized and primary indexes.
Section 565.29 Section Unrecorded conveyance; validity against subsequent purchaser; relation of quit claim deed to good faith.
Section 565.30 Section Deeds of church pews and slips; recording.
Section 565.32 Section Unrecorded deed of defeasance; validity against person without notice.
Section 565.33 Section Assignment of mortgage; effect of recording.
Section 565.34 Section Purchaser; definition.
Section 565.35 Section Conveyance; definition.
Section 565.36 Section Power of attorney to convey lands; inapplicability of preceding section; executory land contract; recording; recording as evidence.
Section 565.37 Section Power of attorney to convey lands; recording of revocation.
Section 565.38 Section New county; transcription of instruments; effect, compensation of register.
Section 565.39 Section Device used as seal; effect; application to official seals.
Section 565.40 Section Prior legal conveyances; effect as evidence, recording; conveyance under unacknowledged contract, record as evidence.
Section 565.41 Section Discharge of mortgage; payment of filing fee by mortgagee; date of discharge.
Section 565.42 Section Discharge of mortgage; certificate of mortgagee; circuit court, or register in chancery.
Section 565.43 Section Discharge of mortgage; recording of certificate; reproduced documents; reference to liber and page containing certificate.
Section 565.44 Section Discharge of mortgage; refusal; civil liability; penalty; time periods.
Section 565.46 Section Proof and acknowledgment of deeds; application of law to instruments affecting lands.
Section 565.47 Section Recording by register of deeds; acknowledgment required.
Section 565.48 Section Deed by surviving joint tenant of lands; recording; certified copy of death.
Section 565.49 Section Conveyances; same person or persons among grantors and grantees; joint tenancy, tenancy by entireties.