MCL - Section 560.261

Act 288 of 1967

560.261 Sale of land; written disclosures to buyer; voidability of sale.

Sec. 261.

     No person shall sell any lot in a recorded plat or any parcel of unplatted land in an unincorporated area if it abuts a street or road which has not been accepted as public unless the seller first informs the purchaser in writing on a separate instrument to be attached to the instrument conveying any interest in such lot or parcel of land of the fact that the street or road is private and is not required to be maintained by the board of county road commissioners. In addition, any contract or agreement of sale entered into in violation of this section shall be voidable at the option of the purchaser.

History: 1967, Act 288, Eff. Jan. 1, 1968
Popular Name: Plat Act
Popular Name: Subdivision Control