MCL - 92-2000-III

Act 92 of 2000
Chapter III
Document Type Description
Section 289.3103 Section Definitions.
Section 289.3105 Section Enforcement; delegation to local health department; exceptions.
Section 289.3107 Section Enforcement; delegation to certified health department.
Section 289.3109 Section Local health departments as authorized agents.
Section 289.3111 Section Retention of authority under MCL 333.2401 to 333.2498.
Section 289.3113 Section Compliance with applicable local laws; conflict.
Section 289.3115 Section Review of license application by local health department; inspection of establishment; temporary food establishment serving only low-risk food; in-office consultation; forward of approval or limitation to department.
Section 289.3117 Section Hearing; enforcement procedure; availability.
Section 289.3119 Section Required fees; collection; exemptions; forwarding applications.
Section 289.3121 Section Evaluations; maintenance and retention of records.
Section 289.3123 Section Evaluations; frequency.
Section 289.3125 Section Evaluations; reducing frequency; limitation.
Section 289.3127 Section Evaluation findings; report.
Section 289.3129 Section Foodborne diseases and poisonings; allegation; investigation; notice.
Section 289.3131 Section Communications system; development; implementation; provisions; availability of information.
Section 289.3133 Section Analysis of food samples; utilization of laboratories.
Section 289.3135 Section Certification of local health department; application; qualifications.
Section 289.3137 Section Reports made by certified health departments; review and evaluation; conduct of evaluation quality assurance program; report to department; findings of department review or evaluation.
Section 289.3139 Section Notice of deficiencies; hearing; revocation of certification; reapplication.