MCL - 92-2000-IV

Act 92 of 2000
Chapter IV
Document Type Description
Section 289.4101 Section Food establishment license; scope.
Section 289.4102 Section Cottage food operation; exemption from licensing and evaluation provisions; requirements.
Section 289.4103 Section Application for license; submission; forms; information; mobile food establishment license; commissary service; forwarding recommendations to department; temporary license.
Section 289.4105 Section Person, establishment, or organization exempt from licensure.
Section 289.4107 Section Food establishment license; qualifications.
Section 289.4109 Section Expiration of license; duration of temporary license.
Section 289.4111 Section License fees; food sanitation fees; initial application fee as nonrefundable; convenience fee.
Section 289.4113 Section Late fee; imposition; waiver; retention; use.
Section 289.4114 Section Shellfish dealer; certification required.
Section 289.4115 Section Bottled water; registration of brand; expiration; late fee.
Section 289.4116 Section Receipt of completed application; issuance of license within certain time period; "completed application" defined.
Section 289.4117 Section Dairy and food safety fund; credit of money collected; creation; investment; lapse; administration; consumer food safety education fund; industry food-safety education fund; creation; use and carrying forward of funds; "fee-exempt food establishment" defined.
Section 289.4119 Section Posting and display of license; “conspicuous place” explained.
Section 289.4121 Section Changes proposed by food establishment; notice.
Section 289.4123 Section Transfer of license; limitation.
Section 289.4125 Section Issuance of license; requirements; hearing; revocation or suspension of license; period of refusal to issue or reissue license; summary suspension.
Section 289.4127 Section Summary suspension of license; petition for hearing; commencement of proceedings; reinstatement.
Section 289.4129 Section Denial of license or registration; hearing; commencement; conduct.