MCL - 92-2000-II

Act 92 of 2000
Chapter II
Document Type Description
Section 289.2101 Section Powers and duties of director.
Section 289.2103 Section Repealed. 2012, Act 178, Eff. Oct. 1, 2012.
Section 289.2105 Section Seizure or embargo of food without warrant; tag or marking as notice of adulterated or misbranded food; complaint; findings and order of court.
Section 289.2107 Section Adulterated food as nuisance.
Section 289.2109 Section Destruction of seized food.
Section 289.2111 Section Evaluation of food establishment by director; access; securing samples of food; examination of records; photographs or copies of records as evaluation; confidentiality.
Section 289.2113 Section Order to cease food operations; resumption; reevaluation; hearing.
Section 289.2115 Section Disease transmission by employee; investigations.
Section 289.2117 Section Annual report; dissemination of information.
Section 289.2119 Section Rules; evaluation, consultation, and training support to local health departments; review; criteria.
Section 289.2121 Section License limitations; notice; hearing.
Section 289.2123 Section License limitations; reevaluation; removal of limitations and reinstatement of license.
Section 289.2124 Section Access to markets for food; certificate of free sale; application; fees; "certificate of free sale" defined.
Section 289.2125 Section Fees for certain services.
Section 289.2127 Section Manager food safety training; conditions for requiring.
Section 289.2129 Section Certification of managerial employee under program accredited by American National Standards Institute; food safety training containing allergen awareness component; requirements; records documenting compliance; applicability of subsection (2); rules; updates; implementation of food handler program, employee health certification program, or manager certification program by local legislative body.
Section 289.2131 Section Definition and standard of identity; rules fixing and establishing.
Section 289.2132 Section Agreements with other states and federal government.