MCL - 87-1985-3

Act 87 of 1985
Article 3

Document Type Description
Section 780.811 Section Definitions; physical or emotional inability of victim to exercise privileges and rights; ineligibility to exercise privileges and rights.
Section 780.811a Section Statement of property damage, physical injury, or death.
Section 780.811b Section Duty to provide notice to victim; furnishing information or records; exception for address confidentiality program.
Section 780.812 Section Separate written statement.
Section 780.813 Section Information to be given victim of serious misdemeanor.
Section 780.813a Section Revocation of bond or personal recognizance.
Section 780.814 Section Return of property to victim; exceptions.
Section 780.814a Section Victim of identity theft; filing police report; jurisdiction; "identity theft" defined.
Section 780.815 Section Victim to be given notice of availability of pretrial release, phone number of sheriff, and notice of right to contact sheriff.
Section 780.816 Section Notice to prosecuting attorney and to victim; consultation by victim with prosecuting attorney; dismissal of case; keeping prosecuting attorney and sheriff informed of victim's current address and telephone number.
Section 780.817 Section Separate waiting area for victim; safeguards.
Section 780.818 Section Testimony of victim or other witness; consent of victim; hearing; exemption from disclosure; exception.
Section 780.819 Section Expedited trial.
Section 780.820 Section Conference prior to trial.
Section 780.821 Section Right of victim to be present at trial; sequestering of victim.
Section 780.822 Section Discharge or discipline of victim or victim representative by employer or employer's agent as misdemeanor; penalty; “victim representative” defined.
Section 780.823 Section Additional notice to victim; means; contents of impact statement.
Section 780.824 Section Preparation of presentence investigation report; written or oral impact statement; inclusion of statement in presentence investigation report.
Section 780.825 Section Notice of sentencing; impact statement; physical presence of defendant; remote option; 2018 PA 153 may be cited as "Rebekah Bletsch law".
Section 780.826 Section Definitions; restitution by defendant convicted of misdemeanor.
Section 780.826a Section Allocation of payments.
Section 780.827 Section Notice of final disposition of case.
Section 780.827a Section Notice to victim of defendant's application to have conviction for serious misdemeanor set aside.
Section 780.827b Section Early termination of probation; notice to victim.
Section 780.828 Section Additional notice to victim; further proceedings or new trial.
Section 780.828a Section Information to be mailed to victim of serious misdemeanor; form to receive notices.
Section 780.828b Section Notice of escape.
Section 780.829 Section Notice of release of defendant; written request.
Section 780.830 Section Exemption of victim's address and telephone number from disclosure.
Section 780.830a Section Deductions and payments.
Section 780.831 Section Profit from sale of recollections of thoughts and feelings of person convicted; misdemeanor; forfeiture; escrow account; distribution of proceeds.
Section 780.832 Section No cause of action against state or local government.
Section 780.833 Section Failure to provide right, privilege, or notice to victim.
Section 780.834 Section Effective date of article; applicability.