MCL - Section 780.828b

Act 87 of 1985

780.828b Notice of escape.

Sec. 78b.

    (1) As provided in subsection (2) or (3), a victim who requests notice of the escape and the prosecuting attorney who is prosecuting or has prosecuted the serious misdemeanor for which the person is detained or under sentence shall be given immediate notice of the escape of the person accused, convicted, or imprisoned for committing a serious misdemeanor against the victim. The notice shall be given by any means reasonably calculated to give prompt actual notice.
    (2) If the escape occurs before the sentence is executed or before the defendant is delivered to the sheriff, the chief law enforcement officer of the agency in charge of the person's detention shall give notice of the escape to the prosecuting attorney, who shall then give notice of the escape to a victim who requested notice.
    (3) If the defendant is confined pursuant to a sentence, the notice shall be given by the chief administrator of the place in which the prisoner is confined.

History: Add. 1993, Act 341, Eff. May 1, 1994