MCL - Section 780.828a

Act 87 of 1985

780.828a Information to be mailed to victim of serious misdemeanor; form to receive notices.

Sec. 78a.

    (1) Upon the written request of a victim of a serious misdemeanor, the sheriff shall mail to the victim the following, as applicable, about a prisoner who has been sentenced to imprisonment under the jurisdiction of the sheriff for commission of that serious misdemeanor:
    (a) Within 30 days after the request, notice of the sheriff's calculation of the earliest release date of the prisoner, with all potential good time or disciplinary credits considered if the sentence of imprisonment exceeds 90 days. The victim may request 1-time only notice of the calculation described in this subdivision.
    (b) Notice that a prisoner has had his or her name legally changed while imprisoned in the county jail or within 2 years of release from the county jail.
    (c) Notice that the prisoner has been placed on day parole or work release.
    (2) When a defendant is sentenced to probation or a term of imprisonment, the prosecuting attorney shall provide the victim with a form the victim may submit to receive the notices provided for under this section or section 77b or 78b. The form must include the address of the court, prosecuting attorney, or sheriff's department, as applicable, to which the form may be sent and a statement that the victim may use the address designated by the department of the attorney general to receive notices if the victim is a program participant as that term is defined in section 3 of the address confidentiality program act.

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