MCL - 58-1998-6

Act 58 of 1998
Chapter 6

Document Type Description
Section 436.1601 Section Importation, sale, transportation, and delivery of beer, wine, mixed spirit drink, and mixed wine drink for sale by wholesaler; requirements; commission authority to inspect and seize or destroy.
Section 436.1602 Section Termination, cancellation, nonrenewal, or discontinuation of agreement; voidance.
Section 436.1603 Section Interest in business of other vendor prohibited; placing stock in portfolio under arrangement, trust agreement, or investment trust agreement; issuance and sale of participating shares within state; prohibitions; sale of brandy and spirits by manufacturer or small distiller; conditions; sale by small distiller; interest of brewpub in other locations; interest in business of other supplier; approval pursuant to R 436.1023(3); interest of manufacturer in wholesaler prohibited; delivery of wine by wine maker to retail licensees prohibited; tiers; application of subsection (13); manufacturing of private label; definitions.
Section 436.1605 Section Acquisition, development, sale, lease, financing, maintenance, operation, or promotion of real property occupied or to be occupied by another vendor; conditions; denial or approval of arrangement or contract; review; denial, revocation, or suspension of license; wholesaler as party to arrangement or contract prohibited; acquisition, development, sale, lease, financing, maintenance, operation, or promotion of condominium project or unit; exception.
Section 436.1607 Section Eligibility for license as specially designated merchant or specially designated distributor; prohibitions; small distiller; wine maker and small wine maker; brewer as specially designated merchant; brewery hospitality room; sales or deliveries by wholesaler.
Section 436.1608 Section Distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages; prohibited conduct by manufacturers; violation; civil fine; financial records.
Section 436.1609 Section Aiding or assisting other vendor prohibited; exception; refunding amount of price reductions; providing licensee with advertising items; providing licensee with goods and services; approval by commission; sale of brand logoed items; possession and use of brand logoed barware; conditions for promotion of brand under R 436.1321(1) to (3); unauthorized providing or selling of barware; fine; on-premises brand promotional event; removal of merchandise; purchase and sale of brand logoed inventory by retailer holding off-premises license; adding or removing item by rule; definitions.
Section 436.1609a Section Filing by manufacturer or wholesaler; schedule of net cash prices; beer package price; sale of beer at quantity discount prohibited; disclosure of filing under subsections (1) and (2); comparison of filing under subsections (1) and (2) with tax filing; inapplicability to a brewpub; filing of prices; prohibition on quantity discounts; reasons for regulation.
Section 436.1609b Section Expenditure records for each call on retail licensee; drink purchase for promotional purposes; limitation.
Section 436.1609c Section Beer, wine, or mixed spirit drink; refund or replacement; reasons.
Section 436.1609d Section Specially designated distributor; refund to special licensee for unopened bottles.
Section 436.1609e Section Providing of brand logoed tent or trailer or temporary platform to special licensee.
Section 436.1609f Section Provision of technology to assist in sales, marketing, delivery, merchandising, or training; requirements.
Section 436.1609g Section Sale of nonalcoholic products to retailer; applicability of act.
Section 436.1609h Section Electronic rebate coupons.
Section 436.1609i Section Commercially reasonable effort requirements to meet demands.
Section 436.1609j Section Recall or removal of beer, wine, or mixed spirit drink products; notification requirements; destruction and reimbursement.
Section 436.1610 Section Advertising; use of unpaid social media; supplier's assistance; requirements; definitions.
Section 436.1610a Section Promotion of brands and prices of alcoholic liquor; signs; requirements.
Section 436.1610b Section Temporary bin display.
Section 436.1610c Section Certain equipment to special licensee; beer festival; limitations.
Section 436.1610d Section Cooperative advertising; exceptions; instant rebate coupons; limitations; "cooperative advertising" defined.
Section 436.1611 Section Refund or credit of tax paid on wine, mixed spirit drink, or beer; conditions; time limitation; form and contents of claim; supporting evidence; removal or destruction of damaged wine, beer, or mixed spirit drink; applicability of section; rebate of tax paid on wine or mixed spirit drink.