MCL - 58-1998-5

Act 58 of 1998
Chapter 5

Document Type Description
Section 436.1501 Section Licenses; issuance; fees; liability insurance; expiration of full-year license; license as contract; operation of establishment upon death of licensee; approval of receiver or trustee; part-year license; transfer of license; approval of application; request for revocation of license or permit by local legislative body; hotels; zones and anniversary dates for renewal of licenses; rules; nontransferable tavern licenses for concessionaires at state fairgrounds; notice contained in application.
Section 436.1502 Section Salesperson license; issuance; expiration; renewal; fee; conduct not requiring license; accreditation program; curriculum; administrator; definitions.
Section 436.1503 Section License; proximity of contemplated location to church or school building; measurement of distance; exceptions; presumption of validity; waiver; objection; hearing; transfer to location farther from church or school.
Section 436.1504 Section Limited production manufacturer license; fees; conditional sales and purchases; restrictions and prohibitions; registration and federal brewer's notice required; definitions.
Section 436.1505 Section Class “C” or class “B” hotel license; state-owned airport; nontransferable.
Section 436.1507 Section Liquor licenses; publicly owned airports; issuance.
Section 436.1509 Section Liquor licenses; municipal civic center or civic auditorium; conditions and limitations.
Section 436.1511 Section Class “C” or class “B” hotel license for hotel located within Mackinac Island state park; class “C” license for certain concessionaire; license for sale of alcoholic liquor at Presque Isle harbor marina; nontransferability of license.
Section 436.1513 Section Licenses; issuance to governing board of college or university; restrictions and prohibition; sale of alcoholic liquor on hotel or restaurant premises located on land owned by Central Michigan University, Wayne State University, Western Michigan University, Northern Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, Oakland University, or Lake Superior State University; conditions; golf course clubhouse; baseball stadium; nontransferability; fee; "college," "university," and "conference center" defined.
Section 436.1513a Section Sale of alcoholic liquor for consumption at community college's or university's culinary or hospitality program's location; license; prohibition; submission of documents; cancellation of license; use; license to private entity; catering permit; definitions.
Section 436.1514 Section Hotel and conference center owned and operated by university; issuance of class B hotel license; conditions; limitation; “hospitality program” defined.
Section 436.1514a Section Hotel and conference center owned and operated by university; issuance of class B hotel license; conditions; limitation; “hospitality program” defined.
Section 436.1515 Section Class “C” license or tavern license for certain golf courses; transfer of license to another location prohibited; surrender of license.
Section 436.1517 Section International sporting event licenses; issuance in connection with international golf tournament; circumstances; duration; limitation; list; recommendation by governing body; certification of compliance; fee.
Section 436.1517a Section National sporting event license; issuance; circumstances; duration; limitation on number of licenses issued; recommendation of governing body of host governmental unit; certification of compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations; fee; "national sporting event" defined.
Section 436.1518 Section Definitions; issuance of motorsports event licenses; consumption and possession of beer and wine in motorsports entertainment complex; civil liability.
Section 436.1519 Section Property or establishment situated in or on state owned land.
Section 436.1521 Section Limitation on tavern or class C licenses; renewal of license; conditions; revocation; transfer of license; "development district" defined.
Section 436.1521a Section Public on-premises licenses; issuance to businesses; conditions; commercial investment in redevelopment project area; time period; total investment; number of licenses; requirements; fee; transfer of license prohibited; attempt to secure on-premises escrowed license or quota license; definitions.
Section 436.1522 Section Banquet facility permits.
Section 436.1523 Section Liquor licenses; ineligibility of law enforcement officers; exception; "law enforcement personnel" defined.
Section 436.1525 Section License fees; fingerprints; criminal history check; filing completed application; issuance of license within certain period of time; conditional license; report; "completed application" defined.
Section 436.1526 Section Beer festival; issuance of special license; limitation; buying directly from licensed brewpub; showcasing beer; serving age requirement; "beer festival" defined.
Section 436.1527 Section Special license for nonprofit charitable organization; issuance; nontransferable; fee; auction.
Section 436.1529 Section Transfer of license or interest in license; notice of transfer of stock in licensed corporation or licensed limited partnership; investigation to ensure compliance; approval; transfer fee; inspection fee.
Section 436.1531 Section Public license and resort license; on-premises escrowed license; limitations and quotas; additional licenses for certain establishments; license for certain events at public university; outdoor stadium; economic development factors; exceptions as to certain veterans and airports; special state census of local governmental unit; rules; availability of transferable licenses held in escrow; on-premises escrowed or quota license; issuance of available licenses; report; hotels; escrowed specially designated distributor license; transfer; applicability of administrative rule; definitions.
Section 436.1532 Section "Bona fide member" defined; issuance of club license; public notice; annual filing by club; conduct of club affairs and management.
Section 436.1533 Section Specially designated merchant license; specially designated distributor license; issuance; quota; waiver; transfer; limitation; owner or operator of motor vehicle fuel pump on or adjacent to licensed premises; issuance to marina; license fees; determination of population.
Section 436.1534 Section Small distiller license.
Section 436.1535 Section Vendor as authorized to do business.
Section 436.1536 Section Multiple manufacturing licenses; eligibility requirements; operating multiple tasting rooms; compliance requirements; limitations; sale of alcoholic liquor under certain circumstances; samples; earmark for liquor control enforcement and license investigation revolving fund; local approval exceptions; samples of mixed spirit drink.
Section 436.1537 Section Classes of vendors permitted to sell alcoholic liquor at retail; beer and wine drink tastings; filling and selling growlers with beer; sale of nonalcoholic beverages; definitions.
Section 436.1537a Section Sale of alcoholic liquor for off the premises consumption; requirements; delivery of alcoholic liquor within this state; original package prohibited; definitions.
Section 436.1539 Section Marina as specially designated merchant or specially designated distributor; license; conditions.
Section 436.1541 Section Motor vehicle fuel pumps.
Section 436.1543 Section Disposition and use of license and license renewal fees; liquor control enforcement and license investigation revolving fund; "license fee enhancement" defined.
Section 436.1545 Section "Nonpublic continuing care retirement center" defined; license; limitation.
Section 436.1547 Section Definitions; catering permits.
Section 436.1548 Section Public swimming pool permit; fees; requirements; "public swimming pool" defined.
Section 436.1551 Section Social district permit; local management and maintenance plans; revocation; notice; liquor sale requirements within district; special license; removal of container requirements; annual permit; fee; definitions.
Section 436.1552 Section Alcohol dispensing machines; requirements and limitations; violations; penalties; rescission of R 436.1045; "on-premises licensee" defined.