MCL - 58-1998-7

Act 58 of 1998
Chapter 7

Document Type Description
Section 436.1701 Section Selling or furnishing alcoholic liquor to minor; failure to make diligent inquiry; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; signs; consumption of alcoholic liquor as cause of death or injury; felony; enforcement against licensee; consent of parent or guardian in undercover operation; defense in action for violation; report; use of security identification device; definitions.
Section 436.1703 Section Purchase, consumption, or possession of alcoholic liquor by minor; attempt; violation; fines; sanctions; furnishing fraudulent identification to minor; use by minor; prior violation; screening and assessment; prior judgment; chemical breath analysis; notice to parent, custodian, or guardian; exceptions; recruitment of minor for undercover operation prohibited; affirmative defense; definitions.
Section 436.1705 Section Power of peace officer or law enforcement officer witnessing violation to stop and detain person; issuance of appearance ticket.
Section 436.1707 Section Selling, serving, or furnishing alcohol; prohibitions; application to wholesaler's minor employees.