MCL - 40-1956-7.

Act 40 of 1956
Chapter 7.
Document Type Description
Section 280.151 Section Final order of determination; filing; contracts for sections or whole; apportionment of costs, benefits; review, appeal.
Section 280.152 Section Apportionment of benefits; description of lands.
Section 280.153 Section Order to contain description of special assessment district; designation.
Section 280.154 Section Advertisement for receipt of bids and review of apportionment of benefits; publication and mailing of notice; affidavit of mailing; failure to receive notice; contents of notice; posting on internet; computation of cost; adjournment; review; appearances; duty of county drain commissioner; apportionment of benefits against state trunk line highway; notices; review; finality.
Section 280.155 Section Bids; appeal; application for board of review, bond.
Section 280.156 Section Bids; board of review, appointment, meeting, time, notice, duties.
Section 280.157 Section Board of review; duties generally; changes in apportionment; added lands; adjournment; notice; action and decision.
Section 280.158 Section Appeal cost and expenses; liability on bond.
Section 280.159 Section Board of review; vacancies, adjournment.
Section 280.160 Section Liability for costs; only one board of review, adjournment.
Section 280.161 Section Certiorari to review drain proceedings and taxes; issues of fact, costs, postponement of proceedings.
Section 280.162 Section Village or city; incorporation or annexation; reapportionment of cost of drain.