MCL - 40-1956-8.

Act 40 of 1956
Chapter 8.
Document Type Description
Section 280.191 Section County drains; maintenance and improvements; petition; determination of necessity; apportionment.
Section 280.192 Section Intercounty drain; cleaning out; petition; drainage board; procedure.
Section 280.193 Section Drains; apportionment for cleaning, widening, deepening, straightening, and extending; review; notice; consolidated districts.
Section 280.194 Section Petitions and proceedings; description of drain, relief drains.
Section 280.195 Section Further right of way; damages.
Section 280.196 Section Inspection of county and intercounty drains; deposits in drain fund; expenditures for inspection, repair, and maintenance of drain; assessment; resolution approving expenditure of additional amounts; reassessment; notice; affidavit of mailing; failure to receive notice; assessment according to benefits received; determination of maximum assessment; emergency condition; excess expenditures upon request of public corporation; costs and bids where work performed by federal agency or public corporation; salaries, expenses, and benefits of certain employees.
Section 280.196a Section Drain not established under act; removal of debris from watercourse; conditions; permission from property owner; costs.
Section 280.197 Section Surveying drain and reviewing district boundaries, laying out revised district, or making profiles, plans, or estimates of work; retaining services of surveyor or engineer; filing data; revision of boundaries of drainage district; adding or removing lands; meeting of drainage board; order; findings; notice for review; contents; mailing; affidavit; publication; action by landowner.
Section 280.198 Section Drain taxes; subsequent assessment.
Section 280.199 Section Cleaning out drain; apportionment of cost; use of surplus in drain fund.
Section 280.200 Section Cleaning out drain; cost of maintenance and repair; public contracts.
Section 280.201 Section Entering property for excavation or tree removal; notice; exception.