MCL - 40-1956-6.

Act 40 of 1956
Chapter 6.
Document Type Description
Section 280.121 Section Intercounty drains; petition to establish; filing, signatures; certificate of county treasurer; eligibility of signers; "municipality" defined.
Section 280.122 Section Drainage board; duties generally; voting; notice of meeting; affidavit of mailing; failure to receive notice; expense of notification; drainage board as board of determination; determination of necessity, order; liability for percentage of costs.
Section 280.122a Section Judicial determination of drain necessity; filing of action.
Section 280.123 Section Apportionment of benefits; assessment, correction, appeal.
Section 280.124 Section Meetings of drainage board to receive bids and review apportionment of benefits; notice.
Section 280.125 Section Meetings of drainage board; review, appeal, computation of costs.
Section 280.126 Section Construction of drain; receipt of bids and letting of contracts; abandonment of petition; order; notice.
Section 280.127 Section Releases of right of way and damages.
Section 280.128 Section Condemnation proceedings; obtaining right-of-way, easement, or other property interest.
Section 280.129 Section Repealed. 2013, Act 262, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2013.
Section 280.130 Section Computation of construction cost; certification of special assessment rolls, filing; levy and collection of taxes.
Section 280.131 Section Drain record; certified copies furnished other commissioners, filing.
Section 280.132 Section Drainage bonds; issuance; terms; deposit of money; disposition.
Section 280.133 Section Interstate drain; application and petition, drainage district, proceedings; release of right of way, obstruction agreement.
Section 280.134 Section Intercounty drain; venue of actions; appointment of outside circuit judge.
Section 280.135 Section County or intercounty drain; extension into county not in original drainage district; adding to or removing lands from district; procedure; apportionment of cost; order.