MCL - 236-1961-25

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 25
Document Type Description
Section 600.2501 Section Fees; allowance.
Section 600.2504 Section Fees; special allowance.
Section 600.2507 Section Documents; state officers; request for searches and obtaining certified copies; fees.
Section 600.2510 Section “Page” defined; compliance with format prescribed by state court administrative office.
Section 600.2513 Section Allowable fees, compensation, or reward for service.
Section 600.2516 Section Fees; for services actually rendered.
Section 600.2519 Section Fees; violation; misdemeanor; civil liability; forfeiture of office.
Section 600.2522 Section Fees; taxation for services actually rendered.
Section 600.2525 Section Fees; receipt; liability for refusal.
Section 600.2528 Section Repealed. 1993, Act 189, Imd. Eff. Oct. 8, 1993.
Section 600.2529 Section Fees paid to clerk of circuit court; payment in full; payment of fees to county treasurer; deposit and use to fund certain services; waiving or suspending fees; affidavit of indigency or inability to pay; court order to pay all or part of fee to other party; payment of fee not required.
Section 600.2530 Section Deposit of fees in friend of the court fund; exception; appropriation by county board of commissioners; remitting sums collected to state; appropriation by legislature; remittance to law enforcement agency.
Section 600.2530a Section Repealed. 1992, Act 234, Eff. Mar. 31, 1993.
Section 600.2531 Section Oath of office; administration without fee.
Section 600.2534 Section Publication of legal notice, order, citation, summons, advertisement, or other matter; rates.
Section 600.2537 Section Repealed. 1993, Act 189, Imd. Eff. Oct. 8, 1993.
Section 600.2538 Section Payments of support or maintenance collected by friend of the court or state disbursement unit; fee; notice; contempt for failure or refusal to pay fee; centralized receipt and disbursement of support; creation of attorney general's operations fund; “state disbursement unit” or “SDU” defined.
Section 600.2540 Section Compensation of juror for attendance on inquest.
Section 600.2543 Section Circuit court reporters or recorders; fees for transcripts; fees as part of taxable costs.
Section 600.2546 Section Certified copies, exemplifications of records, pleadings, and proceedings; fee.
Section 600.2549 Section Depositions and certified copies; fees taxable as costs.
Section 600.2552 Section Witness fees; traveling expenses; attorneys as witnesses; incarcerated witness; inquests; per-mile rate of reimbursement.
Section 600.2555 Section Process server; traveling fees.
Section 600.2558 Section Fees of sheriff; increase; mileage; liability.
Section 600.2559 Section Fees for service of process; fee for process with incorrect address; mileage; fee for advertising; liability; charging fee in excess of law; tax costs; "order for the seizure of property" defined.
Section 600.2561 Section Coroners; compensation or fees.
Section 600.2564 Section Repealed. 2003, Act 238, Eff. Apr. 1, 2004.
Section 600.2567 Section Register of deeds; fees.
Section 600.2567a Section Fee for recording instrument; amount and payment; additional to other fees; remittance and disposition of fees; limitation; applicability of section; “county plan” defined.
Section 600.2568 Section Automation fund.
Section 600.2570 Section Fees of appraisers; mileage.
Section 600.2573 Section Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
Section 600.2576 Section Counties over 1,000,000; proceedings relating to realty; fees; dispositions.
Section 600.2579 Section Supreme court crier; fees.
Section 600.2582 Section Service on corporation and securities commission; fee.
Section 600.2591 Section Frivolous civil action or defense to civil action; awarding costs and fees to prevailing party; definitions.