MCL - 236-1961-24

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 24
Document Type Description
Section 600.2401 Section Taxation of costs; regulation by supreme court.
Section 600.2405 Section Costs; items taxable.
Section 600.2411 Section Special costs in action against public officers.
Section 600.2415 Section Costs; liability of next of friend or guardian.
Section 600.2421 Section Civil actions by or in name of people; liability for costs; warrant.
Section 600.2421a Section Meanings of words and phrases in MCL 600.2421c to 600.2421f.
Section 600.2421b Section Definitions.
Section 600.2421c Section Awarding costs and fees; determining frivolous position of state; motion; matters to be established; reduction or denial of award; amount of costs and fees; applicability of section.
Section 600.2421d Section Judicial review of final action in contested case; award of costs and fees; finding.
Section 600.2421e Section Annual report; payment of costs and fees; applicability of MCL 600.2421a to 600.2421d.
Section 600.2421f Section Recovery of same costs under law or court rule prohibited.
Section 600.2421g Section Applicability of MCL 600.2421a to 600.2421f to civil actions.
Section 600.2425 Section Costs; abatement of public nuisance; private citizen plaintiff; intervention by attorney general or prosecuting attorney.
Section 600.2431 Section Costs; foreclosure of mortgage by advertisement; attorney's fee.
Section 600.2435 Section Costs; supplementary proceedings.
Section 600.2441 Section Costs; costs additional in civil actions in supreme court and circuit court.
Section 600.2445 Section Costs on appeal to circuit court, court of appeals, or supreme court; damages for delay and vexation.
Section 600.2451 Section Taxation of costs in supreme court and court of appeals; notice.
Section 600.2455 Section Taxation of costs in circuit court, district court, and municipal courts of record; notice.
Section 600.2461 Section Costs; duties of taxing officer.