MCL - 236-1961-26

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 26
Document Type Description
Section 600.2601 Section Bonds; form; defect; amendment; new bond.
Section 600.2605 Section Stay of proceedings without bond; conditions.
Section 600.2607 Section Stay pending appeal of judgment; amount of bond; limitation; rescission of limitation.
Section 600.2611 Section Bond not required of state or municipal corporation; appeal.
Section 600.2615 Section Bond not required of state or municipal corporation; process.
Section 600.2621 Section Single corporate surety; sufficiency.
Section 600.2625 Section Oath to sureties or bail.
Section 600.2631 Section Cash or securities in lieu of bail or bond; deposit; receipts; discharge; interest; substitution.
Section 600.2641 Section Change in parties; effect; new bonds.
Section 600.2645 Section Liability of officer if sureties insufficient; recovery of penalty by state or county.
Section 600.2651 Section Joint defendants; appeal bond; judgment against sureties.
Section 600.2655 Section Security for costs; judgment against surety.
Section 600.2661 Section Actions on probate bonds.
Section 600.2665 Section Attorney not to post bond; probate fiduciary.