MCL - 23-1993-9

Act 23 of 1993
Article 9

Document Type Description
Section 450.4901 Section Limited liability company; rendering professional services; applicability of article.
Section 450.4902 Section Definitions.
Section 450.4903 Section Professional limited liability company; purpose stated in articles of organization; name.
Section 450.4904 Section Rendering professional services; organization of professional liability company or professional limited liability company; license or legal authorization of persons required.
Section 450.4905 Section Professional limited liability company; license required; “employee” explained; effect of act on laws applicable to professional relationship and liabilities; liability for negligent or wrongful acts.
Section 450.4906 Section Disqualification, restriction, or limitation on persons rendering professional service; severing employment and financial interest; noncompliance.
Section 450.4907 Section Professional limited liability company; prohibited activities; exception.
Section 450.4908 Section Sale or transfer of membership interest; restrictions.
Section 450.4909 Section Annual report; filing fee; penalty for late filing.
Section 450.4910 Section Merger; limitation.