MCL - 23-1993-10

Act 23 of 1993
Article 10

Document Type Description
Section 450.5001 Section Foreign limited liability company; laws of jurisdiction.
Section 450.5002 Section Transacting business; certificate of authority by foreign limited liability company required; application; filing; contents.
Section 450.5003 Section Certificate of authority; issuance; powers, rights, and privileges of foreign limited liability company.
Section 450.5004 Section Certificate of authority; satisfaction of MCL 450.4204 required for issuance.
Section 450.5005 Section Inaccurate application; correcting statement; certificate; exception; survivor of merger; certificate attesting to merger; annual statement.
Section 450.5006 Section Certificate of withdrawal; contents, form, manner, and execution of application.
Section 450.5007 Section Foreign limited liability company; transacting business without certificate of authority.
Section 450.5008 Section Activities not considered to be transacting business in state; applicability of section to other state laws.
Section 450.5009 Section Making or purchasing loans or participation or interest in loans.
Section 450.5010 Section Maintaining action to restrain by attorney general.