MCL - 23-1993-8

Act 23 of 1993
Article 8

Document Type Description
Section 450.4801 Section Dissolution and winding up; conditions.
Section 450.4802 Section Dissolution; decree by circuit court.
Section 450.4803 Section Dissolution; action by attorney general; grounds; other actions not excluded.
Section 450.4804 Section Certificate of dissolution; filing; contents.
Section 450.4805 Section Winding up by managers, members, or circuit court; procedures; right to maintain actions.
Section 450.4806 Section Dissolution; notice to existing claimants; contents; validity of claim not recognized; claims barred under certain conditions; “existing claim” defined; effective date of notice.
Section 450.4807 Section Dissolution; publication of notice; requirements; commencing proceeding to enforce claims; claimants with known existing claims not receiving notice.
Section 450.4808 Section Winding up; distribution of assets; order; filing tax returns and paying tax obligations.