MCL - 23-1993-7

Act 23 of 1993
Article 7

Document Type Description
Section 450.4701 Section Domestic limited liability companies; merger; plan.
Section 450.4702 Section Merger; approval of plan by members; withdrawal and distribution.
Section 450.4703 Section Plan of merger; execution; certificate; contents and effectiveness.
Section 450.4704 Section Merger; provisions.
Section 450.4705 Section Merger of foreign limited liability companies with domestic limited liability companies; conditions; compliance and liability of surviving company.
Section 450.4705a Section Definitions; merger of domestic limited liability companies with business organizations.
Section 450.4706 Section Abandoning plan of merger; procedure.
Section 450.4707 Section Conversion of domestic partnership or domestic limited partnership to limited liability company.
Section 450.4708 Section Conversion into business organization; requirements; effectiveness of certificate of conversion; foreign business organization as surviving business organization; "business organization" and "entity" defined.
Section 450.4709 Section Conversion of business organization into domestic limited liability company; requirements; effectiveness of certificate of conversion.