MCL - 186-1973-3

Act 186 of 1973
Chapter 3

Document Type Description
Section 205.731 Section Tax tribunal; jurisdiction.
Section 205.732 Section Tax tribunal; powers.
Section 205.733 Section Tax tribunal; adoption and effect of seal; process.
Section 205.734 Section Hearing and deciding proceeding; location; accommodations and equipment; conducting business at public meeting; notice.
Section 205.735 Section Applicability before January 1, 2007; de novo proceedings; jurisdiction in assessment disputes; petition to invoke jurisdiction; service; appeal of contested tax bill; amendment of petition or answer; representation.
Section 205.735a Section Applicability after December 31, 2006; de novo proceedings; jurisdiction in assessment disputes; filing of petition; amendment of petition or answer; representation; "designated delivery service" defined.
Section 205.736 Section Tax tribunal; subpoenas; compliance; assistance from state and local governments.
Section 205.737 Section Determination of property's taxable value; equalization; burden of proof; joinder of claims; motion fee; interest; motion to amend petition to add subsequent years; notice of hearing; appeal without prior protest.
Section 205.737a Section Extension of deadline for filing certain 2020 property tax appeals.