MCL - 186-1973-4

Act 186 of 1973
Chapter 4

Document Type Description
Section 205.741 Section Tax tribunal; proceedings before state tax commission or circuit court.
Section 205.743 Section Payment of taxes as condition to final decision; taxes to which section applicable; appeal to which section applicable.
Section 205.744 Section Intervention or impleading.
Section 205.745 Section Entering order or decision; appeal.
Section 205.746 Section Evidence; written decision; rules of privilege; objection; official report of proceeding; availability of writings to public; costs for transcripts.
Section 205.747 Section Mediator; certification; application; rules; requirements; list; conflict of interest; conditions; appointment; report; use of statements at mediation conference; confidentiality; exceptions; meeting not subject to open meetings act; fee.
Section 205.749 Section Fees; Michigan tax tribunal fund; creation; deposit of fees; money remaining in fund at close of fiscal year; use.