MCL - 186-1973-2

Act 186 of 1973
Chapter 2

Document Type Description
Section 205.721 Section Tax tribunal; creation; quasi-judicial agency; appointment, reappointment, and terms of members; vacancy; training.
Section 205.722 Section Tax tribunal; qualifications of members; oath; requirements; prohibitions; compensation and expenses; motion for disqualification.
Section 205.723 Section Tax tribunal; election and duties of chairman.
Section 205.724 Section Tax tribunal; chief clerk; deputy clerks; oath; bond.
Section 205.725 Section Principal office of tribunal and chief clerk; accommodations and equipment; legal, technical, and secretarial assistance; restrictions on clerks or employees; salaries and expenses of tribunal.
Section 205.726 Section Appointment of hearing officers; conducting hearings; notice of hearing; proposed decision of hearing officer or referee.