MCL - 451-1994-III-1-INLAND-WATERS-315

Act 451 of 1994
Part 315
Document Type Description
Section 324.31501 Section Meanings of words and phrases.
Section 324.31502 Section Definitions; A to D.
Section 324.31503 Section Definitions; E to H.
Section 324.31504 Section Definitions; I to P.
Section 324.31505 Section Definitions; R to T.
Section 324.31506 Section Jurisdiction of dams and impoundments; exemptions.
Section 324.31507 Section Prohibited conduct; exception.
Section 324.31508 Section Preparation of plans and specifications; licensed professional engineer required; exceptions.
Section 324.31509 Section Activities requiring permit; application for permit; fees; waiver and disposition of fees.
Section 324.31510 Section Request for notification of pending applications for permits; annual fee; biweekly list of applications; copies; contents.
Section 324.31511 Section Copies of application and statement; submission; public hearing; notice.
Section 324.31512 Section Necessity for immediate action; emergency conditions; application for permit to reconstruct failed dam.
Section 324.31513 Section Minor project categories; rules.
Section 324.31514 Section Effect of proposed activity on public health, safety, welfare, property, or natural resources.
Section 324.31515 Section Approval of plans and specifications; completion of permitted activity; time; extension; approval of changes; duration and renewal of permit; terms and conditions; mitigating measures; recommendations; performance bond; suspension, revocation, annulment, withdrawal, recall, cancellation, or amendment of permit; hearings.
Section 324.31516 Section Spillway capacity; minimum criteria; freeboard; auxiliary spillway; duty of owner.
Section 324.31517 Section Duties of owner; inspection; notice of final approval; notice of project not completed in accordance with plans, specifications, or conditions; enforcement action.
Section 324.31518 Section Inspection reports; determination of hazard potential classification; inspection schedule; notice; additional inspection reports; contents of inspection report; visual inspection and report; detailed investigation or evaluation; life or property threatened by breach of dam; cause of action; ordering actions to alleviate danger.
Section 324.31519 Section Order to limit dam operations; order to remove dam; hearing.
Section 324.31520 Section Sudden or unprecedented flood; unusual or alarming circumstance or occurrence; emergency drawdowns, repairs, breaching, or other action; notice.
Section 324.31521 Section Emergency orders.
Section 324.31522 Section Structural integrity and operation of dam; investigations and studies.
Section 324.31523 Section Emergency action plans; submissions; review; consistency with other plans; contents of plans.
Section 324.31524 Section Violation; order; suspension, modification, or revocation of permit; remedies cumulative; civil action.
Section 324.31525 Section Commencement of civil action; request; place; civil fine; contempt; willful or reckless violation as misdemeanor; penalty; subsequent violations; fine for failure to obtain permit; restoration of site; schedule of administrative monetary penalties for minor violations.
Section 324.31526 Section Person aggrieved by action or inaction of department; hearing; determination; judicial review.
Section 324.31527 Section Entering private or public property; time; purpose.
Section 324.31528 Section Rules.
Section 324.31529 Section Construction of part.