MCL - 451-1994-III-1-INLAND-WATERS-313

Act 451 of 1994
Part 313
Document Type Description
Section 324.31301 Section Definitions.
Section 324.31302 Section Request for surveys; utilization of reports.
Section 324.31303 Section Request for surveys; involvement of other boards.
Section 324.31304 Section Request for surveys; determination of optimum flow; plan for improvement, utilization, and conservation of surplus water; factors; limitations.
Section 324.31305 Section Public hearing; determination of optimum flow; notice; order; review.
Section 324.31306 Section Transmission of plans to boards; adoption; dams; supervision.
Section 324.31307 Section Gifts and grants; buying, selling, exchanging, or condemning land; restrictions on financing dams.
Section 324.31308 Section Gifts and grants-in-aid; acceptance by department.
Section 324.31309 Section Use of increased flowage; waste assimilation; rates for usage.
Section 324.31310 Section Permits granted by department not affected by part.
Section 324.31311 Section Rules.
Section 324.31312 Section Redetermination of optimum flow; modification of plan; hearings.
Section 324.31313 Section Violation as misdemeanor.
Section 324.31314 Section Applicability of part to river management districts.