MCL - 407-2016-9

Act 407 of 2016
Document Type Description
Section 339.5901 Section Definitions; "experience" defined.
Section 339.5903 Section Additional definitions.
Section 339.5905 Section Board of boiler rules; appointment and qualifications of members; quorum.
Section 339.5907 Section Promulgation of rules; boiler of special design or construction; use of title.
Section 339.5909 Section State boiler inspection fund; requirements.
Section 339.5911 Section Nonconforming boilers; special installation and operation permit.
Section 339.5913 Section Maximum allowable pressure; determination; computation; use, sale, or reinstallation of existing boiler.
Section 339.5915 Section Article inapplicable to certain boilers.
Section 339.5917 Section Antique steam boiler; compliance with rules; inspection; certificate of inspection.
Section 339.5919 Section Miniature hobby locomotive; inspection; report; fee; inspection and certification by club; "public display or use" defined.
Section 339.5921 Section Chief inspector; appointment; qualifications; powers.
Section 339.5923 Section Deputy inspector; employment; qualifications.
Section 339.5925 Section Special inspector; request; qualifications; application for license; fee; license renewal; salary or expenses from state prohibited; continuance of license; condition; inspection; exemption from fee.
Section 339.5927 Section Examination for chief, deputy, or special inspectors, boiler operators, and stationary engineers.
Section 339.5929 Section License not required for employee; application of article 8; exemption.
Section 339.5931 Section Operation of boiler and auxiliaries without registration; use of terms or titles; registration requirements.
Section 339.5933 Section Classification of boiler operator and stationary engineer registrations.
Section 339.5935 Section Qualified technical education programs; course content; rules.
Section 339.5937 Section Registration; requirements; qualifications.
Section 339.5938 Section Lost or destroyed license or registration; reissuance; fee.
Section 339.5939 Section Installation or alteration of boiler; permit required.
Section 339.5941 Section Repair of boiler; permit required; exception.
Section 339.5943 Section New or used boiler; use in this state; inspected; requirements.
Section 339.5945 Section Inspection report; filing; form; fee; issuance, contents, validity, posting, and suspension of inspection certificate.
Section 339.5946 Section Operation of boiler; valid inspection certificate required; pressure restrictions; violation; penalties.
Section 339.5947 Section Applicability of article; failure to comply; revocation; audit.