MCL - 407-2016-8

Act 407 of 2016
Document Type Description
Section 339.5801 Section Definitions; A to H.
Section 339.5803 Section Definitions; L to V.
Section 339.5805 Section Board of mechanical rules; appointment and qualifications of members; designation of chairperson; election of vice-chairperson and secretary; quorum; recommendations.
Section 339.5807 Section Work classification examination; eligibility; classifications and limitations; "experience" defined; affidavit or letter signed by commanding officer, supervisor, or military superior; completion of 2-year program.
Section 339.5809 Section Installations, alterations, or servicing of work classifications; designation of contractor of record; performance of work without compensation or on behalf of charitable organization; person registered as system provider or licensed as security alarm system contractor; contractor employing qualified maintenance crew.
Section 339.5811 Section Local licensing requirements.
Section 339.5813 Section Work classification examination fee; initial and per-year fee; expiration of initial or renewal mechanical contractor's license; reinstatement; computation of fee on pro rata basis.
Section 339.5815 Section Designation as contractor of record.
Section 339.5817 Section Mechanical contractor performing work in municipality; registration of license with enforcing agency.
Section 339.5819 Section Installation of heating or refrigerating system by owner of single family dwelling.