MCL - 407-2016-5

Act 407 of 2016
Document Type Description
Section 339.5501 Section Complaint; submission.
Section 339.5503 Section Complaint; investigation of allegations; correspondence file; acknowledgement; complaint made by department.
Section 339.5505 Section Investigation; petition to issue subpoena.
Section 339.5507 Section Investigation; report; closing of complaint; action.
Section 339.5509 Section Summary suspension of license; order; affidavit; administrative proceedings; petition to dissolve order; hearing; granting request; exception; record.
Section 339.5511 Section Order to cease and desist; hearing; action to restrain and enjoin.
Section 339.5513 Section Summary suspension order, cease and desist order, or injunctive relief; addition to other action.
Section 339.5515 Section Formal complaint and notice; service; alternatives; informal conference; settlement; contested case hearing.
Section 339.5517 Section Showing compliance with act, rule, or order in contested case hearing.
Section 339.5519 Section Hearing.
Section 339.5521 Section Subpoena.
Section 339.5523 Section Determination of findings of fact and conclusions of law; hearing report.
Section 339.5525 Section Assessment of penalties; determination; basis; transcript; time limits; issuance of final order; board member prohibited from participation in final determination.
Section 339.5527 Section Petition; review.
Section 339.5529 Section Petition; writing; reasons.
Section 339.5531 Section Issuance of license based on review of qualifications.
Section 339.5533 Section Decision to place limitation; petition to review; reply; removal of limitation.
Section 339.5535 Section Grievance under former act.
Section 339.5537 Section Citation; issuance; conditions; contents; "employee of the department" defined.
Section 339.5539 Section Citation; notice of acceptance or denial of violation; signature; return; placement in records; force and effect as final order; disclosure; removal; explanation; statement; formal complaint.
Section 339.5541 Section Effect of signature.