MCL - 407-2016-4

Act 407 of 2016
Document Type Description
Section 339.5401 Section Fees; establishment of specific amounts charged for licenses, permits, and activities; license verification
Section 339.5403 Section Person having contract with department or providing direct services to applicant or licensee; collection of fees; termination of contract with person administering licensing examination; limitation on fee charged by department.
Section 339.5405 Section Nonrefundable application processing fee.
Section 339.5407 Section Examination fee; forfeiture; reexamination; publication of examination deadline.
Section 339.5409 Section Payment of fee as condition to issuance of license; establishment of fees on per year basis.
Section 339.5411 Section Failure to renew license; prohibited practice; lapse; late renewal fee; relicensure; conditions; individual on active duty in armed forces; temporary exemption.
Section 339.5413 Section Electronic continuing education tracking system; agreement.
Section 339.5415 Section Licensure, renewal, or relicensure; payment of fees and fines as condition; lien on real property.
Section 339.5417 Section Fee; waiver.
Section 339.5419 Section Fees, money, and income received by department; disposition.