MCL - 407-2016-2

Act 407 of 2016
Document Type Description
Section 339.5201 Section License; application; form; fees; requirements for issuance of license; expiration date; proof of licensure and government-issued photo identification; definitions.
Section 339.5202 Section Preliminary determination; procedure; effect.
Section 339.5203 Section License; issuance upon demonstration of unfair and inadequate requirements; fees; license with limitation; notice; approval or disapproval; review.
Section 339.5205 Section Renewal; issuance; demonstration of unfair and inadequate requirements; fees; issuance with limitation; notice; approval or disapproval; responsibility for renewal.
Section 339.5207 Section Rules.
Section 339.5209 Section Examination or test; review and approval of form and content; administering, scoring, and monitoring; providing equipment, examination room, form, and other items; agreement.
Section 339.5211 Section Files of board; control and physical possession by department.
Section 339.5213 Section Office services; administrative and secretarial staff, clerks, and employees; powers of department.
Section 339.5215 Section Orientation program for board member.
Section 339.5217 Section Annual report.
Section 339.5219 Section Temporary license; validity.
Section 339.5221 Section Records unavailable from foreign country; examination or application for reciprocal license; required documents.
Section 339.5223 Section Licensure or registration without examination; member of armed forces, veteran, and dependent of a member or veteran; requirements.