MCL - Section 339.5221

Act 407 of 2016

339.5221 Records unavailable from foreign country; examination or application for reciprocal license; required documents.

Sec. 221.

    If the records of an applicant for licensure under this act related to the education or experience required under a specific article of this act are unavailable from a foreign country, the applicant may, with the approval of the board and the department, take an examination or apply for a reciprocal license after submitting all of the following to the department:
    (a) A notarized affidavit approved by the department that states the total number of years of education received, the name of the school or schools attended, the dates each school was attended, the degree obtained, the courses taken, the grades received, and the names of each former employer of the applicant.
    (b) A notarized statement approved by the department from a governmental official testifying to the unavailability of the necessary records.

History: 2016, Act 407, Eff. Apr. 4, 2017