MCL - 40-1956-22.

Act 40 of 1956
Chapter 22.
Document Type Description
Section 280.551 Section Water management; definitions.
Section 280.552 Section Water management; petition for flood control or drainage project, filing, signatures, contents, map.
Section 280.553 Section Water management commission; members, appointment, compensation, expenses, approval of plans, orders and assessments.
Section 280.554 Section Water management board; members; terms; vacancy; qualifications; chairman; procedures; employees; treasurer; bond; secretary; audit.
Section 280.555 Section Water management commission or water management board; meetings; notice; quorum; adjournment; action by board; signing of orders; minutes of proceedings; records; meetings and records open to public.
Section 280.556 Section Water management commission; petitions, review; notice of first meeting.
Section 280.557 Section Water management commission; temporary secretary, by-laws, tentative determination, amendment of petition, notice of adjourned meeting; dismissal of petition; name of district; board; tentative determination; preliminary plans.
Section 280.558 Section Water management board; hearing of objections; notice of hearing; preliminary order of determination; eliminating or adding public corporation.
Section 280.559 Section Assessment; basis.
Section 280.560 Section Preliminary plans; approval; detailed plans, contents, approval; official plans, filing.
Section 280.561 Section Tentative percentage of cost for assessment; apportionment.
Section 280.562 Section Hearing of objections to tentative apportionments of costs; notice of hearing; report; confirmation or readjustment of apportionment.
Section 280.563 Section Water management commission; review of board's apportionment; final order of apportionment; annual meeting; work plan, advisory committees.
Section 280.564 Section Lands and rights of way; condemnation, procedure, federal governmental participation; costs.
Section 280.565 Section Contracts with federal government or corporations; bids.
Section 280.566 Section Special assessment roll; installments, payment, interest.
Section 280.567 Section Special assessment roll; contents, approval; certification to corporation assessed; annual notice of installment and interest; advancement by county; assessment against state; correction of assessment.
Section 280.568 Section Assessments and taxes not subject to statutory or charter debt or tax limitations.
Section 280.569 Section Bonds; issuance; maturity; mandatory exemption; signatures; collection of assessments.
Section 280.570 Section Additional assessment; apportionment.
Section 280.571 Section Water management board; continuation, responsibility; budget, hearing, adoption.
Section 280.572 Section Advancements by corporations; reimbursement.
Section 280.573 Section Costs; items, contingent expenses.
Section 280.574 Section Water management commission; powers.
Section 280.575 Section Subdistrict; petition; official plan, final order of apportionment of cost; assessment.
Section 280.576 Section Water management district in interstate river basin; powers of commission.
Section 280.577 Section Venue of actions; appointment of circuit judge.
Section 280.578 Section Deputy for director of agriculture; powers.
Section 280.579 Section Intercounty drain; construction or improvement for flood control project.
Section 280.580 Section Public and private construction in works owned by water management district; plans, approval.
Section 280.581 Section Certiorari; time; legal establishment of project.
Section 280.582 Section Provisions applicable.
Section 280.583 Section Validation of prior bonds.