MCL - 40-1956-21.

Act 40 of 1956
Chapter 21.
Document Type Description
Section 280.511 Section Definitions.
Section 280.512 Section Public health; assessment against public corporations.
Section 280.513 Section Petition to locate, establish, and construct intercounty drain; determination; filing and contents of petition; notice; certified copy of resolution; authorizing execution; order of determination.
Section 280.514 Section Drainage board; membership; chairperson; appointee; exception.
Section 280.515 Section Augmented drainage board; members, compensation; expenses.
Section 280.516 Section Minutes of meetings; secretary's duties, records, filing.
Section 280.517 Section Preliminary finding; first meeting of boards, time and place, notice, selection of secretary.
Section 280.518 Section Meetings of drainage board or augmented drainage board; notice; quorum; action by board; signing of orders.
Section 280.519 Section Augmented drainage board; tentative determinations; naming drain and drainage district; composition of district; resolution; new meeting; objections; notice of hearing; final order of determination; eliminating or adding public corporation; further action by drainage board; correction or addition to proceedings.
Section 280.520 Section Plans, specifications, and estimate of cost; approval, adoption, and filing; route of drain; apportionment of costs; designation of area to be served; assumption of additional cost; altering or supplementing proceedings.
Section 280.521 Section Objections to apportionments; notice of hearing; confirmation or readjustment of apportionments; notice of rehearing; final order of apportionment.
Section 280.522 Section Lands and rights of way; condemnation; procedure, federal government participation; prior agreement as to highways; costs.
Section 280.523 Section Contracts with federal government or corporations; bids.
Section 280.524 Section Designation of a county treasurer; deputies, bonds; expenditures.
Section 280.525 Section Special assessment roll; preparation; estimated or actual costs; annual installments; interest; advance payment; spreading levy on county tax roll; altering or supplementing proceedings.
Section 280.526 Section Special assessment roll; contents; approval; statement; certification to assessed public corporation; installments and interest; advances from county funds; notice; deduction; reimbursement; assessments against state; sufficiency of taxes; corrected roll; altering or supplementing proceedings.
Section 280.527 Section Statutory or charter tax limitation inapplicable; rate or amount of taxes.
Section 280.528 Section Bonds; issuance; maturity; mandatory redemption; signatures; collection of assessments.
Section 280.529 Section Additional assessment; apportionment.
Section 280.530 Section Drainage board; continuation; responsibility; expenses; relinquishment; moneys, disposition; consent.
Section 280.531 Section Advances by corporations; reimbursement.
Section 280.532 Section Venue of actions; appointment of circuit judge.
Section 280.533 Section Costs; items.
Section 280.534 Section Deputy for director of agriculture; powers.
Section 280.535 Section Improvements or additions to drains for public health.
Section 280.536 Section Certiorari; time; legal establishment of drain.
Section 280.537 Section Procedures; incorporation of other chapters in drainage board orders.
Section 280.538 Section New cities; service of notice on township clerk or de facto city officer.
Section 280.538a Section Land especially benefited by drain project; duties of legislative body; affidavit as conclusive proof of notice; meeting; powers of legislative body; reimbursement for pro rata share of costs.
Section 280.539 Section Land especially benefited by drain projects; special assessment; resolution; preparation of special assessment roll; conduct of proceedings; objections; hearing in lieu of meeting; use of special assessment collections; reduction of annual levy; charges.
Section 280.540 Section Relief drains.
Section 280.541 Section River, creek, or watercourse; petition to inclusion in jurisdiction.
Section 280.542 Section River, creek, or watercourse; petition; content, deposit to pay costs, filing; drainage board, hearing and notice.
Section 280.543 Section River, creek, or watercourse; board determination, final order, contents, recording, effect.
Section 280.544 Section River, creek, or watercourse; final order of determination; recording effect on private rights.
Section 280.545 Section River, creek, or watercourse; assessment of costs, hearing; powers.
Section 280.546 Section Drainage board funds; investment of surplus, interest.
Section 280.547 Section Surplus construction funds; use; transfer; provisions of contract with public corporation; return of funds; applicability of MCL 280.547a; definition.
Section 280.547a Section Surplus construction funds; disposition; use.
Section 280.548 Section Pollution in intercounty drain; abatement; petition.
Section 280.549 Section Assessments against townships and villages.