MCL - 386-1998-V-3

Act 386 of 1998
Part 3
Document Type Description
Section 700.5301 Section Appointment of guardian or designation of standby guardian for incapacitated person by will or other writing.
Section 700.5301a Section Appointment of guardian in another state as temporary guardian.
Section 700.5301b Section Appointment of guardian; jurisdiction of court; conditions; connection to state; factors.
Section 700.5301c Section Designation of standby guardians.
Section 700.5302 Section Guardianship proceedings; venue.
Section 700.5303 Section Court appointment of guardian of incapacitated person; petition; alternatives to appointment of full guardian; hearing.
Section 700.5304 Section Evaluation and report; hearing.
Section 700.5305 Section Guardian ad litem; duties; compensation; legal counsel.
Section 700.5306 Section Court appointment of guardian of incapacitated person; findings; appointment of limited guardian; effect of patient advocate designation; supervised access.
Section 700.5306a Section Rights of individual for whom guardian is sought or appointed; form.
Section 700.5307 Section Jurisdiction over guardian.
Section 700.5308 Section Termination of guardian's authority and responsibility.
Section 700.5309 Section Review of guardianship.
Section 700.5310 Section Resignation or removal of guardian.
Section 700.5311 Section Appointment or removal of guardian; designation or change of standby guardian; notice of hearing.
Section 700.5312 Section Court exercise of power of guardian; temporary guardian.
Section 700.5313 Section Guardian; qualifications.
Section 700.5314 Section Powers and duties of guardian.
Section 700.5315 Section Payments for care of ward; claims at death.
Section 700.5316 Section Partial management of property by ward.
Section 700.5317 Section Guardianship proceedings; concurrent jurisdiction.
Section 700.5318 Section Third person dealing with guardian.
Section 700.5319 Section Appointment of conservator or protective order; report of amount of additional cash or property.