MCL - 386-1998-V-2

Act 386 of 1998
Part 2
Document Type Description
Section 700.5201 Section Appointment and status of guardians of minor.
Section 700.5202 Section Parental appointment of guardian for minor.
Section 700.5202a Section Appointment of guardian in another state as temporary guardian.
Section 700.5203 Section Objection by minor of 14 years or older to parental appointment.
Section 700.5204 Section Court appointment of guardian of minor; conditions for appointment.
Section 700.5205 Section Court appointment of limited guardian; requirements.
Section 700.5206 Section Review modification of plan; powers and duties of limited guardian.
Section 700.5207 Section Review of guardianship of minor.
Section 700.5208 Section Petition to terminate guardianship of minor.
Section 700.5209 Section Court action on petition to terminate guardianship of minor.
Section 700.5210 Section Order for termination of guardianship of minor.
Section 700.5211 Section Venue.
Section 700.5212 Section Court appointment of guardian of minor; qualifications; priority of minor's nominee.
Section 700.5213 Section Procedure for court appointment of guardian, temporary guardian, or lawyer-guardian ad litem for minor.
Section 700.5214 Section Consent to service by acceptance of appointment; notice.
Section 700.5215 Section Powers and duties of guardian of minor.
Section 700.5216 Section Compensation; claim for burial expense.
Section 700.5217 Section Termination of appointment of guardian.
Section 700.5218 Section Proceedings subsequent to appointment; venue.
Section 700.5219 Section Resignation, removal, and other post-appointment proceedings.