MCL - Section 38.513

Act 78 of 1935

38.513 Reduction in pay, suspension or discharge; discrimination prohibited; hearing by civil service commission.

Sec. 13.

     No person shall be reduced in pay or position, laid off, suspended, discharged or otherwise discriminated against by any appointing officer for religious or political reasons or affiliations. In all cases of reductions, layoff, or suspension of an employee or subordinate, whether appointed for a definite term or otherwise the appointing authority shall furnish such employees or subordinate with a copy of reasons for layoff, reduction, or suspension and his reasons for the same, and give such employee or subordinate a reasonable time in which to make and file an explanation. Such order together with the explanation, if any, of the subordinate shall be filed with the commission: Provided, however, That the employee or subordinate shall be entitled to a hearing before the commission as provided in section 14. Nothing in this act contained shall limit the power of an appointing officer to suspend without pay, for purposes of discipline, an employee or subordinate for a reasonable period, not exceeding 30 days: Provided, however, That successive suspensions shall not be allowed, and after such suspension, employees shall be entitled to a hearing as provided for in this section and in section 14: And provided further, That the provisions of this act shall not apply to temporary and exceptional appointments made under the authority of this act.

History: 1935, Act 78, Imd. Eff. May 24, 1935 ;-- CL 1948, 38.513 ;-- Am. 1949, Act 271, Eff. Sept. 23, 1949
Popular Name: Police and Fire Civil Service Act