MCL - Section 38.512

Act 78 of 1935

38.512 Examinations; nature; contents; notice; commencement of examination for promotion; eligible list; discrimination prohibited; competitive vacancies filled by promotions; probationary period; hearing.

Sec. 12.

    (1) All examinations for positions shall be practical in their character and shall relate to those matters and shall include those inquiries as will fairly and fully test the comparative merit and fitness of the persons examined to discharge the duties of the employment sought by them. All examinations shall be open to all applicants who have fulfilled the preliminary requirements prescribed by this act. Notice of the time and place for accepting applications shall be given by the commission by publication for 2 weeks in the official paper of the city, village, or municipality, and the notice shall be posted by the commission in a conspicuous place in the office and on the bulletin boards of the city, village, or municipality for 2 weeks. Further notice may be given as the commission shall prescribe. However, a newspaper advertisement shall not be required for an examination for a promotion. The examination process shall begin within 6 months after the closing date for the acceptance of applications. However, the commission may delay or cancel the examination process for good cause. The commission shall post, in a public place at its office, the eligible list containing the names and grades of those who have passed examinations for positions or promotions in fire or police departments under this act, and shall indicate any appointments that will be made from the list. No question in any form of application or in any examination shall be so framed as to elicit information concerning the political or religious opinions or affiliations of any applicant; nor shall inquiries be made concerning those opinions or affiliations; and all disclosures thereof shall be discouraged. Discrimination shall not be exercised, threatened, or promised by any person in the fire or police department against or in favor of an eligible applicant or employee in fire or police departments under this act because of his or her political or religious opinions or affiliations.
    (2) Vacancies in positions in the fire and police departments above the rank of fire fighter or police officer shall be competitive and shall be filled by promotions from among persons holding positions in the next lower rank in the departments who have completed 2 years in that rank and who have at least 5 years in the department. If there are more vacancies than there are persons with 5 years in the department, the commission may lower the requirements to 3 years in the department. If no person or persons have completed 2 years in the next lower rank, the commission may hold examinations among persons in such rank as to all intent and purposes as though 2 years of service had been completed by those persons. Promotions shall be based upon merit to be ascertained by tests to be provided by the civil service commission and upon the superior qualifications of the persons promoted as shown by his or her previous service and experience. In the event of only 1 person in the next lower rank, 1 or more persons in the second lower rank who have completed at least 5 years in the department may compete for the vacancy. Whenever a position becomes vacant for which examinations are held, the appointing power shall ask the commission for the name of the person eligible for appointment. The commission shall certify the name of the person highest on the eligible list at preceding examinations held under this act within a period of 2 years next preceding the date of the appointment for the class to which the vacant position has been allocated, who is willing to accept employment. If more than 1 vacancy is to be filled, an additional name shall be certified for each additional vacancy. The appointing power immediately shall appoint the person to the position. To enable the appointing power to exercise a choice in the filling of positions of promotion in the fire or police service, a promotion shall not be considered complete until after the expiration of a period of 6 months' probationary service, and if at the end of the probationary period the appointing authority finds that the conduct or capacity of the probationer has not been satisfactory, the appointing authority shall notify the probationer and the commission in writing. Otherwise, his or her retention in the higher position shall be equivalent to receiving full status and regular employment in the higher position. The probationer, upon receiving notice that his or her conduct or capacity has not been satisfactory in the higher position, may demand a written statement of particulars of reasons for that determination and may demand a hearing before the commission. The demands shall be in writing. In such a case, the probationer shall be entitled to a hearing before the commission and to a statement of particulars to be served not less than 7 days before the date of the hearing. The commission may affirm or reverse the decision of the appointing authority or may order an additional probation period not to exceed 6 months. The decision of the commission shall be final. If the probationer does not receive full status and regular employment in the higher position, he or she shall resume the duties of his or her former position, and the appointing power shall be entitled to another certification of eligibles in accordance with this act.

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Popular Name: Police and Fire Civil Service Act