MCL - 32-1986-IV

Act 32 of 1986
Chapter IV

Document Type Description
Section 484.1401 Section Agreement; emergency telephone technical charge and emergency telephone operational charge; billing and collection service; computation; monthly charge for recurring costs and charges; ballot question; annual accounting; distribution of operational charge; limitation on levy and collection; applicability of subsections (3) through (13) after June 30, 2008.
Section 484.1401a Section Billing and collection of state 9-1-1 charge; listing on bill or payment receipt; state charge; separate charges imposed on access points or lines.
Section 484.1401b Section Additional charge assessed by county board of commissioners; methods; limitation; approval of charge by voters; statement on service provider's bill; annual accounting; payment and distribution; methods; adjustment; county having multiple emergency response districts; distribution to secondary PSAPs; retention of percentage to cover supplier's costs; listing as separate charge on customer's bill; exemption from disclosure; separate charges imposed on access points or lines; use of charge assessed.
Section 484.1401c Section Collection of emergency 9-1-1 surcharge by seller from prepaid consumers; amount; in-state transactions; sale at single, nonitemized price; "minimal amount" defined; monthly remittance of surcharge by seller; deposit; retention of amount as reimbursement for direct costs; liability for damages; review and report of emergency 9-1-1 fund; examination or audit; definitions.
Section 484.1401d Section Billing and collection of emergency telephone technical charge; "local exchange provider" defined.
Section 484.1401e Section Surcharge; assessment; submission of certain information to commission; review and approval or disapproval of surcharge.
Section 484.1401f Section Initiation of proceeding to reduce 9-1-1 charge; intervention; final order; effective date.
Section 484.1402 Section Liability for charge.
Section 484.1403 Section Responsibility for billing charge and transmitting money; notification of failure to report, charge, collect, or transmit charges; civil action; other actions authorized by law; prohibition on investigation or commencement of civil action under certain circumstances.
Section 484.1404 Section Alteration of state or county 9-1-1 charge.
Section 484.1405 Section Repealed. 2019, Act 30, Imd. Eff. June 25, 2019.
Section 484.1406 Section Expenditure of funds; accounting, auditing, monitoring, and evaluation procedures provided by county, PSAP, or secondary PSAP; annual audit; authorization or expenditure of increase in charges; receipt of 9-1-1 funds.
Section 484.1407 Section Emergency 9-1-1 fund; creation; disposition of assets; money remaining in fund; expenditure; disbursement; audit.
Section 484.1408 Section State 9-1-1 service charge by service supplier; retention of percentage to cover supplier's costs; deposit of money in emergency 9-1-1 fund; collection, deposit, and distribution of money; methods of distribution to primary PSAPs by county; proceeding to determine recurring and nonrecurring cost categories; rules to establish standards for receipt and expenditure of funds.
Section 484.1409 Section Repealed. 2003, Act 244, Eff. Jan. 1, 2004.
Section 484.1410, 484.1411 Section Repealed. 2007, Act 165, Imd. Eff. Dec. 21, 2007.
Section 484.1412 Section Report on 9-1-1 system and charge.
Section 484.1412a Section Annual accounting of total emergency telephone charges; adjustment of amount collected; additional charge.
Section 484.1413 Section Rules; applicability to service suppliers; multiline telephone system compliance with federal regulations; "multiline telephone system" defined.