MCL - 32-1986-III

Act 32 of 1986
Chapter III

Document Type Description
Section 484.1301 Section Emergency 9-1-1 district; establishment; implementation of 9-1-1 service; modification or alteration of existing emergency 9-1-1 service; emergency 9-1-1 district board; creation and powers.
Section 484.1302 Section Emergency 9-1-1 district; joint establishment; implementation of 9-1-1 service; actions; notices.
Section 484.1303 Section Tentative 9-1-1 service plan; adoption by resolution; requirements; payments for installation and recurring charges associated with PSAP.
Section 484.1304 Section Specifications of resolution.
Section 484.1305 Section Forwarding copy of resolution and letter to clerk or other appropriate official.
Section 484.1306 Section Repealed. 2007, Act 165, Imd. Eff. Dec. 21, 2007.
Section 484.1307 Section Notice of intent to function as PSAP or secondary PSAP.
Section 484.1308 Section Hearing on tentative 9-1-1 service plan; notice.
Section 484.1309 Section Conduct of hearing; opportunity to be heard.
Section 484.1310 Section Final 9-1-1 service plan; adoption by resolution; application to service suppliers.
Section 484.1311 Section Implementation of 9-1-1 service in 9-1-1 service district; public safety agency to function as PSAP or secondary PSAP.
Section 484.1312 Section Amendment of final 9-1-1 service plan.
Section 484.1313 Section Termination of 9-1-1 system.
Section 484.1314 Section Duties of service supplier or other owner or lessee of pay station telephone; installation of pay station telephone; costs of service supplier.
Section 484.1315 Section Displaying address of telephone.
Section 484.1316 Section Providing accurate database information; customer telephone numbers and service addresses; expenses; waiver of privacy; notice of inaccurate information.
Section 484.1317 Section Use of name, address, and telephone number information; limitation; violation as misdemeanor.
Section 484.1317a Section Emergency notification system.
Section 484.1318 Section Agreement to service as PSAP or secondary PSAP.
Section 484.1319 Section Duties of certain public agencies.
Section 484.1320 Section Emergency 9-1-1 district board; creation; membership, powers, and duties; appropriations to board; contracts; system to be used in dispatching participating service units; basis for determination.
Section 484.1321 Section Services provided by consolidated dispatch.