MCL - 317-1969-4

Act 317 of 1969
Chapter 4
Document Type Description
Section 418.401 Section Definitions; determination of entitlement to weekly wage lost benefits; notice of employee refusing offer of employment; termination of benefits; “reasonable employment” defined; personal injuries or work related diseases to which section applicable.
Section 418.405 Section Fire or police department members, county sheriff and deputies, state police, conservation officer, motor carrier officer, forest fire officer, and fire/crash rescue officer; "personal injury" as including respiratory and heart diseases or resulting illnesses; presumption; claim against Christopher R. Slezak first responder presumed coverage fund for certain cancers; suspension of claim against employer; application for pension benefits as condition precedent; determination denying pension benefits; medical expenses not provided by pension program; first responder presumed coverage fund; creation; duties of state treasurer; director as administrator; notice to legislature of insufficient funds; operation and management of fund; report; rights.
Section 418.411 Section Disablement treated as personal injury.
Section 418.415 Section Death or disablement compensation.
Section 418.425 Section Date of disablement.
Section 418.431 Section Employer's liability; conditions exempting and limiting.
Section 418.435 Section Employer from whom total compensation recoverable; effect of dispute or controversy.
Section 418.441 Section Claim for occupational disease and death resulting from occupational disease; requirements; commencement; time limit.