MCL - 317-1969-3

Act 317 of 1969
Chapter 3
Document Type Description
Section 418.301 Section Compensation for personal injury or death in course of employment; time or date of injury; compensation for mental disabilities and conditions of aging process; presumption; injury incurred in pursuit of social or recreational activity; definitions; burden of production of evidence; determining entitlement to weekly wage loss benefits; notice to agency; “reasonable employment” defined; payment of benefits to persons incarcerated in penal institution or confined in mental institution; discrimination prohibited; personal injuries and work related diseases to which section applicable.
Section 418.302 Section "Wage earning capacity" defined.
Section 418.305 Section Wilful misconduct of employee.
Section 418.311 Section Compensation payments; computations.
Section 418.313 Section “After-tax average weekly wage” defined; tables.
Section 418.315 Section Furnishing medical care for injury arising out of and in course of employment; optometric service; chiropractic service; physical therapy service; attendant or nursing care; selection of physician by employee; objection; order; other services and appliances; proration of attorney fees; fees and other charges subject to rules; advisory committee; excessive fees or unjustified treatment, hospitalization, or visits; review of records and medical bills; "utilization review" defined; effect of accepting payment; submitting false or misleading information as misdemeanor; penalty; improper overutilization or inappropriate health care or health services; appeal; criteria or standards; certification; unusual health care or service.
Section 418.315a Section Medical marihuana treatment; reimbursement by employer not required.
Section 418.319 Section Medical or vocational rehabilitation services.
Section 418.321 Section Compensation for death resulting from personal injury.
Section 418.331 Section Persons conclusively presumed to be wholly dependent for support upon deceased employee.
Section 418.335 Section Cessation of payments upon remarriage of dependent wife or upon dependent person reaching certain age; reinstatement of dependency; persons to whom section applicable.
Section 418.341 Section Dependents; qualifications; party in interest.
Section 418.345 Section Death resulting from injury; expense of last sickness, funeral, and burial; payment by employer; limitation; application; order.
Section 418.351 Section Total incapacity for work; amount and duration of compensation; limitation on conclusive presumption of total and permanent disability; determining question of permanent and total disability.
Section 418.352 Section Supplement to weekly compensation.
Section 418.353 Section Determination of dependency.
Section 418.354 Section Coordination of benefits.
Section 418.355 Section Adjustment of maximum weekly rate; computing supplemental benefit.
Section 418.356 Section Increase in benefits after 2 years of continuous disability; petition for hearing; evidence; order for adjustment of compensation; payment; reimbursement from second injury fund; minimum weekly benefit for death; minimum weekly benefit for 1 or more losses; total disability; exception.
Section 418.357 Section Employee 65 or older; reduction of weekly payments; exception.
Section 418.358 Section Reduction of benefits.
Section 418.359 Section Repealed. 1985, Act 103, Imd. Eff. July 10, 1985.
Section 418.360 Section Professional athlete; weekly benefits; condition; benefits under other provisions; exemptions.
Section 418.361 Section Effect of imprisonment or commission of crime; scheduled disabilities; meaning of total and permanent disability; limitations; payment for loss of second member.
Section 418.364 Section Repealed. 2011, Act 266, Imd. Eff. Dec. 19, 2011.
Section 418.371 Section Weekly loss in wages; average weekly wage.
Section 418.372 Section Employee engaged in more than 1 employment at time of personal injury or personal injury resulting in death; liability; apportionment of weekly benefits; exception.
Section 418.373 Section Employee receiving nondisability pension or retirement benefits, including old-age benefits; presumption; other standards of disability superseded; medical benefits under MCL 418.315 not barred.
Section 418.375 Section Death of injured employee; death benefits in lieu of further disability indemnity.
Section 418.381 Section Claim for compensation; time limit; extension of time period; payment for nursing or attendant care; compliance.
Section 418.383 Section Notice of injury; unintentional errors; actual knowledge.
Section 418.385 Section Physical examination of employee; payment; report; copy; evidence; failure of party to provide medical report.
Section 418.391 Section Compensation supplement fund; creation; administration; appropriation; rules; payments; personnel; recommendations; carrying forward unexpended funds; reduction of appropriation; report; reimbursement of insurers, self-insurers, second injury fund, self-insurers' security fund, or private employer group self-insurers security fund; application.