MCL - 236-1961-88

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 88
Document Type Description
Section 600.8801 Section Applicability of chapter; definitions.
Section 600.8803 Section State civil infraction; commencement of action; state as plaintiff; jurisdiction; time; place; venue; rights of minor.
Section 600.8805 Section Citation; numbering; parts; modification; complaint treated as under oath.
Section 600.8807 Section Issuance of citation by law enforcement officer.
Section 600.8808 Section Citation issued to nonresident of state; leaving deposit with officer or court; failure to appear; default judgment.
Section 600.8809 Section Citation; contents.
Section 600.8811 Section Civil infraction; citation; necessity of sworn complaint.
Section 600.8813 Section Citation; materially false statement knowingly made by officer; felony; penalty.
Section 600.8815 Section Citation; response to allegations.
Section 600.8819 Section Informal hearing.
Section 600.8821 Section Formal hearing.
Section 600.8823 Section Failure of defendant to appear at scheduled appearance, informal hearing, or formal hearing; failure of officer to appear at informal hearing; failure of prosecutor to appear at formal hearing.
Section 600.8825 Section Acceptance of fee by law enforcement officer prohibited.
Section 600.8827 Section Sanctions.
Section 600.8829 Section Default in payment of fines, costs, assessment, or installment.
Section 600.8831 Section Fines ordered under MCL 600.8827; application to libraries.
Section 600.8835 Section Additional costs.