MCL - 236-1961-87

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 87
Document Type Description
Section 600.8701 Section Definitions.
Section 600.8703 Section Municipal civil infraction; commencement; political subdivision as plaintiff; exception under MCL 324.80146; jurisdiction of courts; time and place of appearance.
Section 600.8705 Section Citation; numbering; form; contents; modification; treatment as under oath.
Section 600.8707 Section Citation; preparation; issuance; service; municipal ordinance violation notice.
Section 600.8709 Section Citation; contents; trailway municipal civil infraction.
Section 600.8711 Section Citation; admission; denial of responsibility; filing of sworn complaint; failure to appear; warrant for arrest.
Section 600.8713 Section Materially false statement; penalty.
Section 600.8715 Section Citation; appearance; response to allegations; acceptance of admission; sanctions; admission of responsibility with explanation; effect; denial of responsibility; hearing.
Section 600.8717 Section Request for formal hearing.
Section 600.8719 Section Informal hearing.
Section 600.8721 Section Formal hearing.
Section 600.8723 Section Failure to appear; default judgment.
Section 600.8725 Section Issuance of citation; fee prohibited; violation.
Section 600.8727 Section Municipal civil infraction; civil fine, costs, justice system assessments, damages, and expenses.
Section 600.8729 Section Payment of fine, costs, assessment, damages, or expenses; default as civil contempt.
Section 600.8731 Section Violation involving land, building, or other structure; nonpayment of civil fine, costs, or installment; lien.
Section 600.8733 Section Trailway municipal civil infraction; seizure and impoundment of vehicle; lien; bond; payments; forfeiture and application of bond; enforcement of lien by foreclosure sale; notice; distribution of proceeds.
Section 600.8735 Section Municipal civil infraction; additional costs.