MCL - 236-1961-10D

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 10D
Document Type Description
Section 600.1099aa Section Definitions.
Section 600.1099bb Section Family treatment court; adoption or institution by circuit court; certification by state court administrative office.
Section 600.1099cc Section Hiring or contracting with licensed or accredited treatment providers.
Section 600.1099dd Section Admission to family treatment court; preadmission screening; confidentiality of information obtained from screening and assessment.
Section 600.1099ee Section Admission into family treatment court; requirements.
Section 600.1099ff Section Conditional admission; adjudication in civil child neglect and abuse case.
Section 600.1099gg Section Family treatment court program; requirements; court fees; request for child protective services history information.
Section 600.1099hh Section Family treatment court program; required services; confidentiality of information contained while participating in the program; exempt from disclosure.
Section 600.1099ii Section Continued participation in the family treatment court program; requirements; fees.
Section 600.1099jj Section Completion or termination of participation in a family treatment court program; findings on the record or written statement in court file.
Section 600.1099kk Section Collection and maintenance of information; information exempt from disclosure.
Section 600.1099ll Section Disposition of funds; quarterly report.