MCL - 236-1961-10B.

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 10B.
Document Type Description
Section 600.1090 Section Definitions.
Section 600.1091 Section Mental health court; participants from other jurisdictions; certification by state court administrative office required.
Section 600.1092 Section Hiring or contracting with treatment providers.
Section 600.1093 Section Admission to mental health court.
Section 600.1093.amended Section Admission to mental health court.
Section 600.1094 Section Admission to mental health court of individual charged in criminal case; conditions; mental health services before entry of plea; withdrawal of plea; additional rights of victim under William Van Regenmorter crime victim's rights act.
Section 600.1095 Section Admission to mental health court; requirements; jurisdiction; fee.
Section 600.1096 Section Services provided by mental health court; exit evaluation; confidentiality of information obtained from assessment, treatment, or testing.
Section 600.1097 Section Participation in and completion of mental health court program; compliance with court orders; accusation of new crime; judge discretion to terminate; payment of costs; objection to written individual plan of services; notice.
Section 600.1098 Section Successful completion or termination; findings on the record or statement in court file; applicable law; discharge and dismissal of proceedings; criteria; discharge and dismissal of domestic violence offense; circumstances; discharge and dismissal under subsection (3); duties of court upon successful completion of probation or court supervision; termination or failure of participant to complete program; duties of court; records closed to public inspection and exempt from disclosure.
Section 600.1099 Section Mental health court; collection of data; maintenance of files or databases; standards; disclosure.
Section 600.1099a Section Mental health court; expenditure of funds by supreme court; quarterly reports; advisory committee; technical and training assistance.