MCL - 213-1982-2

Act 213 of 1982
Article 2

Document Type Description
Section 449.1201 Section Formation; certificate of limited partnership; contents; date of formation.
Section 449.1202 Section Certificate of limited partnership; amendment; contents of certificate of amendment; events necessitating amendment; liability; restated certificate of limited partnership; effective date of amendment.
Section 449.1203 Section Certificate of limited partnership; cancellation; contents of certificate of cancellation; effective date of cancellation.
Section 449.1204 Section Manner of executing certificates.
Section 449.1205 Section Failure to execute certificate; circuit court proceedings; court-ordered certificate; assessment of court costs and attorney fees; effective date of court-ordered amendment or cancellation.
Section 449.1206 Section Documents; filing; submission; delivery; endorsement; return of copy or original; public inspection; records or files; effective date of documents; forms; fees.
Section 449.1207 Section False statements in certificate; recovery of damages.
Section 449.1208 Section Certificate on file as notice of matters included therein.
Section 449.1209 Section Delivery of copy of certificate to limited partners upon return of certificate by administrator.
Section 449.1210 Section Merger or consolidation of domestic limited partnerships; plan of merger or consolidation; certificate; applicable provisions; abandonment; merger or consolidation of domestic limited partnership with foreign limited partnership; surviving or new limited partnership; “business organization” and “entity” defined; merger or consolidation of domestic limited partnership with business organization.