MCL - 213-1982-1

Act 213 of 1982
Article 1

Document Type Description
Section 449.1101 Section Definitions.
Section 449.1102 Section Name of limited partnership; requirements and restrictions.
Section 449.1103 Section Name of limited partnership; reservation of exclusive right to use; application; time period; expiration; extension; transfer of right.
Section 449.1104 Section Transacting business under assumed name; certificate.
Section 449.1105 Section Maintenance of office and agent for service of process; resignation of agent; appointment of successor.
Section 449.1106 Section Records required to be kept at office; inspection and copying by partner or representative.
Section 449.1107 Section Business which may be carried on.
Section 449.1108 Section Loans by partner and other transactions with limited partnership; rights and obligations.
Section 449.1109 Section Agreement to pay interest in excess of legal rate; defense of usury prohibited.